Getting change and improvement in public education policy requires sound objective research, clear goals and focused, strategic advocacy work. We provide resources in strategic public policy discernment, broad-ranged engagement ideas in public education and strategies for mobilizing congregations. Below is a matrix of ideas for congregations to consider as ministries in public education.


The matrix provides a framework for action, so in addition we provide a number advocacy skills and approaches to empower individuals and congregations to take action.

Education Advocacy – approaches at school level based off C4C activity.

Facilitating a Community Listening Session – listening to teachers, parents, students, administrators.

City Hall and Legislative Hearings – Include School Board meetings

Writing a Successful Letter to the Editor – Making injustice visible

Holding Community Forums and Rallies – Mobilizing congregations

Building Relationships with Elected Representatives speaking truth to power

Lobby Meeting with an Elected Representative engaging the powers.