UMAPS Announces important Advocacy initiatives in two North Carolina Conference Districts.

The Capital and adjacent Corridor Districts of the NCCUMC have decided to engage congregations in education advocacy initiatives at public schools in their jurisdictions.  With grants from the NCC Board of Church and Society, each District will begin by collecting data of improvement needs from congregations that are engaged in C4C work in local schools. This data will be used to discern needs and advocacy strategies to approach the relevant school managements, School Boards, and if necessary elected representatives with improvement needs. The process will include in-depth community listening sessions with educators, parents and administrators, a review of important education data, and discernment over time of methods that lead to successful improvements to education delivery.

District Superintendents Gray Southern from the Capital District and Carol Goehring from the Corridor District have this week held talks with clergy leaders in their Districts seeking a commitment to this new strategy. So far this has resulted in several congregations giving serious consideration to joining this initiative.