From Cain’s unanswered question to Jesus’ greatest commandment, our Holy Scriptures leave no doubt that our faith is about care and love of our neighbor as much as it is about our relationship with God.  In fact, the Law, the Prophets, and the Word of Jesus Christ teach us that we cannot love God without loving his Children, who are our neighbor.

In Jesus’ ministry he sought out the least powerful and the most rejected to assure them that they were precious.

Among the least powerful in our society are our children.  They don’t have the knowledge, the influence, or the means to advocate for themselves.  All too often, our leaders have left unfulfilled their duty to protect and uplift our children, opting instead to play politics with the institution which affects the most – our public schools.

As Christians, our state’s children need our help.  They need us to ensure that they will receive an education that prepares them for life.  They need us to stress the importance of equitable sharing and to reject the evils of racism, classism, sexism, and all of the other isms that divide us.  They need us to provide schools that are safe, caring, inclusive and equally successful for all.

The Book of Resolutions reminds us that

“ The public school is the primary route for most children into full participation in our economic, political, and community life. As a consequence of inequities in our society, we have a moral responsibility to support, strengthen, and reform public schools. They have been, and continue to be, both an avenue of opportunity and a major cohesive force in our society, a society becoming daily more diverse racially, culturally, and religiously.”

For more readings on the theology of social action described by the Biblical narrative see this list of literature.

United Methodist Advocates for Public Schools (UMAPS) is concerned Christians working to:

Act Justly…Our Faith Demands It.