Our Vision...

That every public school in North Carolina is fully funded to provide outstanding education for all students to the extent that North Carolina Schools achieve the highest ratings among all schools in the USA.

That the United Methodist Church in North Carolina, its congregations and members, provide a prophetic voice in the public domain, mobilize to advocate for public education so that North Carolina public schools, provide equal, de-segregated and well-funded education.

That UMAPS becomes the primary powerful and effective advocacy organization within the UMC in NC, that it is utilized by all UMC members to use its well -researched resources, guidance and a prophetic voice on all education matters in NC.


Our Mission….

UMAPS is a collaborative initiative between the two Conferences of the United Methodist Church in North Carolina formed to advocate for public education in the state. Our mission is to:

          - educate congregations in the needs of Public Education in North Carolina,

         - advocate for public education by using advocacy strategies built by UMAPS and every UMC congregation in North Carolina, and to…

          - mobilize every congregation and UMC member to be engaged with public schools to improve them.